Resale Store Offering Superb Consignment Services

Small home decor items can be brought in anytime, no appointment is needed. For larger items, please email us a picture and brief description of the furniture you wish to consign.

We are a 90-day consignment, and we split the commission 50/50. There is a one-time setup fee of $10 to open the account which is deducted from the account when the first item sells. Checks are issued on the 15th of the following month. For example, anything that sells in April will be paid out on May 15th. You can pick up your check-up in the store any time after the 15th, or it can be mailed upon request for a $2 fee. If you need help getting it here, we have independent contractors that do pick-ups and deliveries for us on Thursdays. Their pickup fee starts at $75 and goes up based on distance and the number of items. We can just deduct this fee from your account when your furniture sells. You are also welcome to bring it in yourself any day. Just let us know when you are coming so that our designer can make a space for it.

Once the furniture is here, we will price it based on what similar pieces have sold for, brand name, and retail cost. Pricing is also based largely on conditions. If your approved furniture arrives in poor condition, we will not be able to keep it. Sometimes, pictures can be misleading. Our ticketed prices are automatically reduced by 15% every 30 days. So, there is no guarantee that it will sell for the original asking price. It depends on how long it sits here, and we also reserve the right to negotiate on your behalf. Of course, we will do our best to get as much as we can.

At the end of 90 days, if your items haven’t sold, you can pick them back up or we can donate for you and send a donation receipt. Large furniture items can stay beyond 90 days, and we will continue to reduce the price until it sells and you will receive your commission on expired items over $100. We look forward to working with you!